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Master The Art of Romancing Your Customers

By ProIQ on Feb 23 , 2022

Remember that moment you first fell in love? Something clicked with that special someone, and suddenly you wanted to know everything about them—their interests became your interests, and you were willing to do just about anything to get a few extra minutes together.

But there were probably also a few times when that chemistry wasn’t there. Maybe you wanted to like the person. Maybe she had a lot to offer. Maybe he really tried to make you feel special. But it just wasn’t right—and you knew it.

The same is true in business. Sometimes the magic just isn’t there, and the customer drifts away. When you push for a sale without investing in the customer relationship, you won’t achieve the long-term relationship you’re hoping for. Sure, you might land a sale or two, but those customers won’t become loyal fans because they haven’t found that special something they’re looking for. That something that solves all their problems builds trust and earns loyalty.

Romancing your customers takes extra effort. It requires long-term commitment and careful communication. But in the end, it will pay off with loyal fans who become evangelists for your brand.

So how do you position yourself as a brand people fall in love with?

  • Adjust Your Goals—You want a long-term relationship, not a one-night stand. And that means your goal isn’t just to close the sale. It’s to establish commitment. To achieve that goal, you’ll have to develop a total marketing strategy that builds trust and connects with people on an emotional level.
  • Evaluate Your Brand—What is the one thing that makes your brand stand out from competitors? You might have a long list of benefits to offer, but strong branding focuses on the one emotional connection you want to make with your customers—the thing that makes them feel great about themselves.
  • Hire the Right People—Strong brands are built on strong people. To find them, you’ll need to build your employer brand, invest in your culture, and explore recruitment opportunities that connect you with quality talent. Strong employer branding is critical.
  • Get to Know Your Customer—It’s tempting to market to everyone, but not everyone wants what you’re offering. Instead, take some time to develop your ideal customer profiles and typical buyer personas. Study them carefully, find out what makes them tick, and learn what their emotional pressure points are. What are their biggest problems? What keeps them up at night? Those are the issues you want to address.
  • Make an Impression—First impressions matter when you’re looking for romance, and they matter in business too. The first few interactions your customers have with your brand will dictate how the relationship plays out. If you make them feel special and serve them well, they will become loyal fans and brand ambassadors.
  • Establish Connections—Every great relationship is built on good communication. Interact with your customers intentionally so they know you care. This is especially important when they encounter a problem. If you can address their concerns quickly, you can usually keep them on board. Build strong social media campaigns, newsletters, and blog posts to keep your best customers engaged beyond the sale.

The days of pushing to close a sale and then never interacting again are over. Today’s clients and customers want more from the brand they trust. They want commitment and investment. Social media has made it easier than ever to maintain the momentum of your customer relationships, but it’s up to you to master the art of romance so they stay with you over the long term.


Written by ProIQ