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When you think about hiring, your first thought might be, “Oh, the paperwork! All those resumes to sort through.” The recruitment marketing and hiring process can quickly become a mountain of paperwork. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, consider using a recruitment management system that simplifies and automates your hiring.

Instead of spending countless hours sifting through piles of paperwork, the right recruitment management software can help you hire quicker and more efficiently. Let’s investigate what this system can do and why you should use one.

What Is a Recruitment Management System?

If you’re looking to recruit candidates for multiple positions across your company, it’s a good idea to consider using a recruitment management system (RMS). This intuitive software is the central hub for your recruitment operations. The recruitment management software helps you simultaneously post job listings across various job listing websites while conveniently shortlisting candidates and scheduling interviews—all from one place.

Benefits of a Recruitment Management System

With the help of an RMS, your HR team can say goodbye to sorting through every submitted resume. Recruitment software can automate time-consuming tasks like questionnaire screening and setting up interviews. Plus, with its innovative system, your team can easily track where a candidate is in their hiring journey and develop a hiring pipeline for each position.

Selecting the Best RMS

There are several recruitment systems on the market, but not everyone will be the best system for your team. Here are the top ways to narrow down the best system for your organization.

Needs vs. Wants

Before you go with any RMS, you need to list your current hiring processes and their outcomes to determine the best one for your company’s needs.

Consider the open positions listed on your company’s website. Are there a lot of applicants for those positions? How many hours will your hiring team need to spend sorting through resumes that don’t fit the job description? If the number of hours is relatively high, it would be beneficial to employ a recruitment management tool that has ATS capabilities to sort through resumes and looks for keywords.

When you’ve outlined what you’ll need from a recruitment management system, match those needs with available products on the market.

Best Tools and Features

Consider which tools and features you’ll need from your recruitment management system. Of course, each software will have a different set of tools and features. But, in general, most systems will have a career website for candidates, an applicant tracking tool, and onboarding tools, among other things.

Some RMS can send automated emails to candidates. Automating emails is helpful if you have multiple applicants you must contact simultaneously. But, if you prefer to send personal emails to candidates, an automated email feature may not be something you need.

Research each recruitment management software to determine if the tools and features will fit the needs of your organization before deciding which system to use. If you’re not familiar with current technologies, we have technology partners who offer the best services to help you achieve your goals.


The nice thing about a recruitment management system is its integration with your existing software. For example, if your company already uses a CRM, or customer relationship management tool, you can link the RMS with the CRM. Integration with the software you already use makes it easy for members of your hiring team to create employee profiles in the CRM based on the information stored in the recruitment management software

Simplify Your Recruitment Process

A good recruitment management tool makes talent acquisition easy for the applicant and your hiring team— making this an essential tool to streamline the hiring process. Without an RMS, your hiring team will lose time and, possibly, the best talent for your open positions.

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Written by ProIQ