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With billions of job seekers online, how do you guarantee that the best candidate sees the ad for your job? Innovations in digital advertising make it easy for recruiters to maximize ROI, streamline recruitment efforts and help companies save money with programmatic job advertising. Programmatic job advertising can help you capture your prospect's attention and ensure they click to apply.

The Growth of Data-Driven Advertising

Programmatic advertising has revolutionized online advertising. Rather than manually searching for where to run ads, companies using programmatic advertising can place ads on a network of publishing platforms simultaneously. Programmatic online ad buying helps companies make data-driven decisions, increasing revenue. As of 2020, programmatically sold advertising was worth $129.1 billion.

What is Exactly is "Programmatic"?

Whether you are in sales or job recruitment, "programmatic" ad buying refers to the software used to purchase digital advertising. This involves the automated process of buying, selling, and bidding on ads across multiple online channels to target a specific demographic. Advertisers use programmatic advertising to direct ads to their ideal customer, while recruiters use programmatic job advertising to target their best job candidate.

Powerful Benefits for Advertisers and Recruiters

Marketers use programmatic to place ads for products, while recruiters use the same automation to place ads for job seekers. Programmatic helps both industries see actionable results. These technologies empower the advertiser and recruiter to laser target their ideal demographic and prevent accidental overspending on advertising budget.

Manage Your Ad Budget

Recruitment advertising can be costly. Programmatic job advertising helps you determine how to allocate your advertising budget effectively across many types of jobs to be filled. The most effective platforms use predictive data and intelligent automation to intuitively manage your spending across all open positions to ensure no overspending occurs. These algorithms also help ensure you pay for ads that provide tangible results and the highest possible ROI.

Connect With Your Ideal Candidate

One of the key benefits of programmatic is the ability to laser target the audience of your ad. For marketers, this has been key to ensure that the right customer sees their product ad. For recruiters, programmatic job advertising helps reach out to the most fitting job candidates. Intelligent algorithms set up job candidate profiles, and ads are placed where they are most likely to attract higher-quality applicants and lead more candidates to the final stages of hiring.

Data-Driven to Get Results

Programmatic job advertising provides companies with real-time data to make long-term ad spending decisions to recruit the best candidates. Studies show that companies using programmatic job advertising are nearly three times more likely to improve the quality of hire than traditional advertising. Additionally, companies that leverage programmatic are also twice as likely to reduce time-to-fill.

Ready to Use Programmatic Job Advertising?

If you're looking for the best method of sourcing top-quality job candidates in less time, try programmatic job advertising. Contact us at ProIQ to learn how we can help your company optimize your campaigns and recruit the most qualified candidates.

Sara West

Written by Sara West

Sara West leads Hire Velocity’s sales development, demand generation, and marketing growth strategies and operations. As Director of Strategic Development, she shapes Hire Velocity’s brand strategy to build market awareness, generate sales leads, and acquire new customers. She also works closely with the sales process to implement scalable end-to-end sales solutions and develop the sales team. Sara’s prior experience in operations, marketing, and technology has positioned her uniquely to oversee the strategic planning process, create synergies across the organization, and assess new strategic initiatives. Her responsibilities include developing Hire Velocity’s national marketing vision and brand strategy, overseeing marketing programs and communications, generating awareness and demand through brand messaging and content strategy, and implementing predictable, vision-based sales processes. Prior to joining Hire Velocity, Sara served as a Financial Analyst for Signal Hill Capital Group in New York, where she specialized in the IT services and IT security software sectors. There, she played a pivotal role in researching, valuating and executing major deals, completing extensive due diligence for both buy-side and sell-side transactions. Sara began her career at Garber Venture Capital Fund, where she oversaw teams who evaluated opportunities and performed due diligence for investments within the medical industry. Sara has been a member of Society of International Business Fellows (SIBF) since 2015 and is a graduate of the SIBF Leadership Academy. Sara graduated from the Schreyer Honors College at The Pennsylvania State University with a Master of Accounting and B.S. in Accounting, as well as concentrations in Economics and Religious Studies. An avid traveler and animal lover, Sara’s home base is in Atlanta with her rescue dog, Piper.