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Is social media hiring an effective strategy to attract talent for an open position?

The answer is yes.

Social media is one of the most effective ways to advertise open positions. Whether you have open positions now or are planning to in the future, social media can be one of the easiest ways to create a talent pool of people eager to work for your company.

But how can you guarantee that social media hiring works for you?

The key is targeting the right candidates to create a social media recruitment strategy. Let’s look at how you can get started getting eyes on your job listings through the power of social.

How To Do Social Media Hiring the Right Way

An effective social media recruitment strategy that delivers quality talent takes time, effort, and, most of all—patience. Don’t worry, all your efforts in social media recruiting will pay off with a highly qualified and engaged pool of candidates.

Here are some social media recruiting best practices and tips you can try today to begin targeting top talent for your organization.

Boost Your Employer Brand

Like it or not, one of the major factors that influences a candidate's decision to apply for a job is the company's reputation, often referred to as its employer brand. 86% of jobseekers look at a company’s rating and reviews before applying for an open role. The good news is your employer brand can be carefully curated with the right content.

Use your social media accounts to show your followers what working at your company is like. You can do this by highlighting star employees, sharing “behind the scenes” posts, or discussing the great benefits you offer your employees, like paid volunteer time off or company retreats. Showcasing your employer brand on social media gives interested candidates a “sneak peek” into what it’s like to be at your workplace and why they should apply right away.

Be Active on the Right Platforms

While it can be tempting to advertise on every social media platform, not all are a good investment for your social media hiring efforts. Consider where your potential employees might be active online to make the most use of your time and resources. For example, if you know your employees frequent Reddit subs, visiting the same subs and becoming an active participant would be a good idea.

Be strategic in where you engage jobseekers and how you share content. Do your research and create a social media hiring strategy that aligns closely with your goals and where to find your target candidates.

Use Photos and Videos to Engage with Followers

Some of the most high-performing content on social media today is visual. Reels, short-form videos, infographics, or even stand-alone pictures are all great ways to showcase your company, your team, and why job seekers should apply to work at your organization. In fact, short-form video has the highest ROI of all marketing trends.

If your company is hiring, consider adding a visual to your post to get more traction and engagement with your followers.

Advertise Job Listings on Social Media

Any good strategy for social media hiring should include advertising your open positions across all platforms. While organic leads might find your content online, you’ll have better luck targeting suitable candidates if you run your post as a paid advertisement.

When your company runs a paid advertisement, you can determine which demographics see your post. This is especially helpful for targeting qualified talent that might be just outside of your reach.

Recruit Current Employees to Share

If there is anyone who can best talk about their experiences working for your company, it’s your employees. They can easily advocate for the company and help recruit the right talent for your open positions by sharing your company’s posts to their feeds. Encourage your team members to share, like, comment, and follow your social media platforms and engage with your posts. The more engagement can lead posts to reach potential candidates better.

Unlock the Power of Social Media Hiring

Think of social media as one gateway to top-tier talent. Whether you have job openings now or are planning for the future, a well-crafted social media recruitment strategy ensures you attract the most qualified talent out there.

Ready to elevate your talent marketing game? Team up with ProIQ. We specialize in talent marketing and advertising, and we'll help you design a tailor-made social media recruitment strategy for your company's needs. Reach out to us today to get started.


Written by ProIQ