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Help Your Talent Acquisition Team Improve Recruiting with A Recruitment Marketing Agency

By ProIQ on Jul 26, 2023 12:41:00 PM

Open positions within your organization can create stress and frustration for workforce planning—especially in the current job market where scarcity is the common theme. Finding the right candidate for your company can be tough if you’re not already working with a recruitment marketing agency.

Recruitment marketing can help hiring teams create a pool of interested candidates. Think of recruitment marketing like any other marketing strategy. You’ll start advertising to a wide audience and eventually narrow candidates down to the people who “get you”— those who align with your company’s mission and values. You’ll want to have these kinds of employees on your team.

So, how can a recruitment marketing agency help you?

Three Benefits of Working with a Recruitment Marketing Agency

A recruitment marketing firm helps your company develop an effective marketing strategy to attract interested candidates. The end result? When a position becomes available in your company, you’ll already have a stack of interested prospects eager to work at your company.

Here are three ways a recruitment marketing agency can help your team advertise to the right candidates.

1.   Improve Employer Branding

The goal of recruitment marketing isn’t just to fill job vacancies. Instead, recruitment marketing focuses on the bigger picture—like how your company can use its brand to attract interested candidates.

The thing about employer branding is it speaks to potential new hires long before anyone from your hiring team reaches out with an interview offer. Potential candidates look to your employer brand for a sneak peek into the company culture, values, and mission. Employer branding is about how you’re viewed as an employer, and you want to highlight your best features.

A recruitment advertising firm can help improve employer branding to showcase your company’s unique attributes and reputation to attract quality talent.

2.   Increase Social Engagement

Social media recruiting is just as crucial as employer branding. An active online presence with a clear social strategy can help attract top-tier talent. With the rise of social media, it’s a safe bet interested candidates are searching for and following your company online.

Your follower list contains a wealth of potential new hires, and it’s a good idea to market your vacancies to those people who already know and love your brand. A recruiting marketing agency can help positively boost your company’s social media presence. Your social media strategy might include posting photos of happy employees or creating content centered on your company’s goals.

3.   Ramp Up Lead Generation

In an ideal world, your company will fill all vacancies, and production will be at an all-time high. But what happens when a team member leaves without notice? If your company is prone to simply waiting until a position is open to advertising vacancies, this approach can lead to wasted hours and decreased production.

Lead generation is one way to solve the hiring issue to keep your company performing at its best, and it’s something a recruitment marketing firm can help you with. By continually improving employer branding, increasing your company’s social presence, and collecting email addresses from interested candidates (for example, newsletters and sign-ups), you’ll create a list of talent who is ready to join you in your company when a position is open, just market to your list to find the best, most qualified talent for your team.

Improve Your Recruitment Marketing

You shouldn’t wait for an open position before employing a recruitment marketing agency. Recruitment marketing is the long game: building a good employer brand over time to attract only the best, top-quality team members.

If you’re ready to begin mapping out your recruitment marketing strategy, contact us today to learn more about ProIQ’s talent advisory strategies.

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What is Marketing Recruitment and Why Does it Matter?

By ProIQ on Jun 20, 2023 10:00:00 AM

Advertising open positions within your company involve more than just sticking an ad on your website and crossing your fingers. If you want to attract the best talent in your field, you should consider stepping up your marketing recruitment game. Let’s discuss how marketing recruitment efforts can help your talent attraction strategy.

What is Marketing Recruitment?

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s define marketing recruitment. Marketing recruitment is a recruitment strategy that uses proven marketing tactics to promote your company’s brand and values with the intent to attract top-notch candidates for your vacancies. Not only does this kind of recruiting market your business in a positive way, but it also helps showcase your company’s culture to potential employees.

Is Marketing Recruitment Important?

Marketing recruitment is an important component of your recruiting efforts. Today’s job seekers no longer look to newspapers to discover open positions. Instead, potential applicants look for open positions much like they shop for other things online. Interested applicants research the company, read company reviews, and compare job listings before deciding to apply for a new role.

Understanding this behavior is crucial to developing an effective recruitment marketing strategy. If you know potential employees research your company before applying, you can create content to showcase why it’s great to work at your company.

Five Strategies to Maximize Your Marketing Recruitment Efforts

Marketing recruitment is not just about content creation, though. There are several strategies you can– and should—use to boost engagement with potential employees.

Write Clear, Concise Job Descriptions

From an applicant’s perspective, there is nothing worse than reading a vague job description. Not only does a poorly defined job description leave a candidate with a million questions, it’s not a great way to persuade quality talent to apply for your vacancies.

When crafting job descriptions, adopt a marketer's mindset. Clearly define the role and showcase your brand’s personality in the description. A well-written job description can be the extra boost you need to attract top talent.


Your company’s brand and how your work culture is represented online is often the first thing interested candidates notice. You shouldn’t leave first impressions up to what employees, or ex-employees, have to say about working for your company. Instead, you can help paint your company in a positive light by building a branding strategy.

When creating a branding strategy, you’ll want to think about how to answer, “What makes your company the best place to work?” The answer to this question might include showcasing company culture, company perks, and star employees, responding to work reviews on websites like Glassdoor, or simplifying your hiring process.

Social Media Recruiting

Love it or hate it, social media plays an important role in marketing recruitment. Like your company’s website, social media is another part of your online presence. Interested candidates will look to your company’s social media profiles to get a feel of what your company is about and what it’s like to work for you.

Think about creating posts that highlight company culture, such as workplace celebrations, behind-the-scenes footage with employees, or share testimonials from current team members.

Inbound Marketing

With inbound recruitment marketing, you can gather applications from interested candidates, even if there isn't an immediate opening. By collecting information from these prospects, you can easily have their information on hand and reach out to them later if a suitable position becomes available. It's a helpful way to keep potential candidates in the loop for future opportunities.

Part of your inbound marketing strategy should focus on creating engaging content, either on social media or evergreen content on your company’s website, that will entice interested applicants. Also, ensure that the link to your application form is easily accessible.

Applicant Engagement

To attract the best talent in your field, you’ll need to keep candidates interested in the hiring process from start to finish. When you boost engagement, it'll encourage candidates to share their positive experiences with your company, spreading the word and attracting more interested applicants. It’s a win-win!

Many companies today rely only on one way of recruiting talent: posting job openings and waiting for applications. Marketing recruitment services can revolutionize your hiring game. Take the first step towards transforming your recruitment strategy.

For information on implementing a customized recruitment marketing plan, contact ProIQ today.

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Facebook Recruiting: How to Recruit on Facebook

By ProIQ on May 23, 2023 9:45:00 AM

It’s no secret: social media, particularly Facebook, has changed how businesses operate. Not only has it changed how companies function, but Facebook recruiting has also changed how businesses acquire talent. Now, recruitment starts on social media.

With Facebook’s nearly 3 billion users, the probability that your next qualified candidate is scrolling the social media platform is high. Considering the social media giant is the largest social media platform, it only makes sense to leverage Facebook for recruiting efforts.

Facebook Recruiting: Is It Worth It?

Unlike traditional recruiting, which requires regional newspaper ads and cold calls, social media recruiting opens up new opportunities to quickly get your company in front of qualified candidates in a broader search area.

Facebook recruiting is worth the effort to acquire qualified talent for your company. You can expand your search area and hire candidates faster. It is relatively cost-effective to advertise your positions on Facebook, too. The low costs and high return rate make using Facebook as a recruiting tool a no-brainer.

How to Recruit on Facebook

Facebook recruiting is simple. When you work with a recruiting service well-versed in social media recruiting, you can rest easy knowing your job advertisement will land in front of qualified potential candidates.

Here’s how to use social media best practices to leverage Facebook recruiting.

1. Create a Facebook Business Page

Before your company can advertise open positions on Facebook, you need to create a Facebook Business page. Setting up a Facebook Business page is easy and only takes a few minutes. Make sure you set a company photo as the profile picture and add any relevant business details to your page.

A Facebook Business page will help you get your business in front of the right audience, including potential recruits. So, the more information on your Business page, the better!

2. Describe Your Company Culture

On your Facebook Business page, you will want to describe your company culture accurately. Your Facebook Business page is not only a marketing tool for potential clients, but it is also a recruitment tool for potential talent acquisition.

Your Facebook Business page will be the first place candidates look for information about your company. Interested candidates will want to know what it is like to work at your company. To describe your company culture, think about ways you can use photos or videos to highlight business events, employees, or training opportunities.

3. Create a Job Post on Facebook

Facebook makes it easy to share updates with your audience. If you need to advertise an open position within your company, all you need to do is create and share a new Facebook post.

Often, though, a Facebook post receives more attention if a photo or video is attached. You will want to create an eye-catching graphic to grab the attention of potential candidates when sharing about a job opportunity. Your recruiting service can help you create an attention-getting job post.

4. Create an Ad Campaign

To get your job opportunity in front of the appropriate audience, you should create a Facebook ad campaign to promote your job advertisement.

You can set Facebook ad campaigns for various targets, depending on the goal of your post. For example, if you want to spread the word about your position, you might set up your Facebook ad campaign to maximize your reach. Or, if you are looking for a specific candidate, you may target only a particular audience that most likely fits your job description.

Your recruiting service can help you decide which type of Facebook ad campaign will be best for the position you need to fill.

5. Share Your Post

Finally, when you have created a Facebook post on your Business page, you should share your post with the masses. Sharing your posts on your personal page and asking your current employees to share the post will guarantee your post is seen by potential candidates.

Think about where else you can share your post, too. Is there an appropriate Facebook group that allows sharing? If so, consider posting your job advertisement there.

Social media is an essential part of any business’s online marketing strategy. But your online marketing strategy does not mean you only market to your buyers. Use social media to attract talent, too.

Facebook recruiting is an effective way to maximize your talent acquisition efforts. For more information on how we can help you use social media as part of your recruitment marketing strategy, contact ProIQ today.

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How Will ChatGPT Recruiting Impact Hiring?

By ProIQ on May 11, 2023 9:30:00 AM

If you want to recruit quality candidates in the most efficient way possible, you need a recruitment marketing agency that effectively uses ChatGPT recruiting.

ChatGPT is an extremely helpful tool in many fields, including recruitment. With the help of ChatGPT recruiting, acquiring the best talent for your open positions has never been an easier process.

Can ChatGPT be Used for Recruitment?

ChatGPT is a language tool powered by AI. ChatGPT is trained to respond to prompts or queries in an in-depth, conversational-like manner. Using the tool, a user can ask ChatGPT a question or a prompt and expect to receive a detailed answer. Users can even ask follow-up questions to the initial prompt and engage in back-and-forth dialogue with the bot.

Because ChatGPT is a natural language tool, it begs the question: can ChatGPT be used for recruiting?

The answer is yes.

Five Ways to Use ChatGPT Recruiting

ChatGPT recruiting might be the smartest and most efficient way to recruit talent. There are many benefits to implementing ChatGPT in your talent acquisition search. Not only can ChatGPT save your recruiter time, but it can also provide valuable information, like industry term definitions, to help find the best candidate.

Here are five ways to effectively use ChatGPT recruiting:

Draft Outreach Emails

Outreach emails can seem daunting to write. But, when using a recruitment service that understands the power of ChatGPT, your recruiter can use ChatGPT to help you craft the perfect email to send to potential candidates.

Think of ChatGPT as a notepad for generated ideas. For example, your recruiter might ask ChatGPT to create an email outreach template to invite candidates for an interview. Your recruiter will likely need to make minor edits to nail down your company’s voice and brand because while ChatGPT is efficient, it can be clunky and repetitive.

Once the edits are complete, your recruiter can send the email to potential candidates.

Write Job Descriptions

Not only can ChatGPT help your recruiter compose emails, but it can also help you and your recruiter write the perfect job description for your vacancies. For example, your recruiter might ask ChatGPT to “describe the role of a digital analyst.” In just a matter of a few seconds, ChatGPT will provide a lengthy description of the role.

A recruiter will then take what ChatGPT provides and tweak the job description to fit your company’s brand, as needed. In no time, you and your recruiter will have a solid job description to add to your vacant position’s listing or use as part of your social media recruitment plan.

Create Interview Questions

A major component of hiring a new candidate for a role is the interview. Because not every role within your organization will be the same, your recruiter will need to prepare various questions for different positions. This can take a significant amount of time and brain power. But the good news is it doesn’t have to be this way.

ChatGPT can be used to help write interview questions based on the role you are advertising. For example, if you are advertising a position for a marketing director, your recruiter may ask ChatGPT to source questions regarding the role. Within no time, ChatGPT will provide a list of potential interview questions, including questions like, “How do you measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns?”

Source Job Role Information

Every now and again, a client might present a recruiting service with an obscure and hard-to-describe job. Before your recruiter begins looking for the ideal candidate, they need to fully understand the role, including the industry terms and definitions.

That’s where ChatGPT comes in. In a way, ChatGPT can act as a search engine, but without the multitude of web pages. Your recruiting team can ask ChatGPT to describe the position or define specific industry terms, and without spending hours on Google learning bits and pieces about the role, your recruiter can get a basic understanding of the role and industry.

Create Conversation Scripts

An important part of the recruitment process is contacting potential candidates. This part of the recruitment phase can easily be done with a conversation script. ChatGPT can be asked to create a conversation script to use on calls with potential candidates. Once the bot provides a script, you can modify the script to fit your company’s needs.

With the conversation script in hand, your recruiter will have a good idea of how to steer the conversation to spark interest with your future employees.

ChatGPT recruiting can leverage your talent acquisition game when used with a talent advisory strategy. The biggest pro of ChatGPT is it can save you and your recruiting service time in various ways.

Learn more about how our team at ProIQ uses the latest recruitment marketing tools to find you the best talent. Contact us today.

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What is Recruitment Marketing?

By Sara West on Jun 1, 2022 7:45:00 AM

Recruitment marketing is like running a race for talent. Planning your strategy positions you at the starting gate, executing your plan sends you off down the track alongside your competitors, and measuring the results of your efforts helps you clock your time so you can fine-tune and improve your performance. The prize in the winner’s circle is finding and hiring the candidates who are ideally suited to your role and culture.

Using many of the same techniques as traditional marketing, recruitment marketing can help you reach candidates in the awareness, consideration, and interest stages of talent attraction. The ultimate goal is to see a desirable candidate hit the submit button on your application and become a valued member of your team for the long term.

But first, you need to understand how candidates decide to apply for a specific role in the first place.

The Funnel: How Marketing Intersects With Talent Attraction

Recruitment marketing uses many of the same strategies as traditional marketing, and it follows a similar path. Marketing begins by casting a broad net with awareness campaigns and narrows down through the consideration stage and finally the interest or decision stage. At each stage, the target audience becomes smaller and content focuses on answering the specific questions people in that stage might have.

Recruitment marketing follows a similar funnel-shaped process of creating awareness, providing information for consideration, and prompting candidates to take action. Think of recruitment marketing as the pre-game show before recruitment starts in earnest. The goal of recruitment marketing is to secure an application, while the goal of recruiting is to secure the hire. When structured and executed effectively, recruitment marketing should segue into the recruiting process, as demonstrated in the funnel graphic below.

Recruitment Marketing vs. Recruiting

Recruitment Marketing Funnel

These broad stages can be broken down into more specific actions, but they are all part of the talent acquisition process, as shown in the graphic below.

For example, the recruitment marketing stage will include employer brand awareness for passive candidates, direct response advertising, retargeting, and direct sourcing leading up to the application. After the candidate has applied, the recruiting process will kick in with screenings, interviews, offers, and the eventual hire.

Talent Attraction Funnel_Rev

You can see how each stage progressively narrows down the field of candidates and leads into the next stage.

Why Job Postings Aren’t Enough

But why put in all that effort? Why not just post your job on your favorite job boards and social media sites?

The reason is that a candidate’s path to your company is not as straightforward as it once was. A 2018 CareerBuilder survey found that 60% of employers have experienced longer time-to-fill over the past year due to a fiercely competitive hiring landscape. Candidates expect employers to be proactive and personal, and 31% expect personalized messages from recruiters. Three out of four candidates want to know what it’s like to work for a company before they apply, and half will check you out on your website and on social media first.

The bottom line is that candidates are taking charge of their own job seeking experience. If employers don’t meet their expectations, they can kiss those applications goodbye.

Recruitment marketing gives you the edge on attracting the best candidates, because it changes the recruiting equation. By stepping into the recruiting experience with personalized outreach, target audiences, and carefully crafted messaging, you can reach the best candidates at every stage of the job search.

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Ultimate Guide to Recruitment Marketing

By Sara West on Oct 27, 2021 10:00:00 AM


Recruiting in a job seeker’s market gets complicated quickly. In addition to stiff competition for quality candidates, employers must consider cultural fit, engagement strategies, and talent attraction strategies that reach beyond the job board. If recruiters don’t zero in on hiring the right person the first time, recruiting costs will skyrocket as retention drops and turnover escalates.

In December of 2019, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 6.4 million job openings. That’s down over 10% from the same time last year, but it still outpaces the 5.9 million hires that took place during that month. These numbers often play out in favor of candidates, especially those with high-demand skills. Candidates can afford to be choosy about the positions they accept, and employees don’t have to stick around in a job that isn’t a good fit. With online reviews and social media at their fingertips, they can make decisions based not only on the specifics of the role, but also on what it’s like to actually work for a specific company.

Employers, meanwhile, must compete with hundreds of other companies for qualified talent. People with the right skills might be few and far between. The best candidates will likely receive offers from multiple employers, especially in high demand fields like technology or healthcare. To compete, employers must be more strategic about the ways they find and attract talent.

The stakes are high, and the right hire could make the difference between success and failure in the marketplace. So how can you boost your chances of securing the talent you need?

It starts with recruitment marketing.

Table of Contents: Recruitment Marketing

  • What is Recruitment Marketing?
    • The Funnel: How Marketing Intersects with Talent Attraction
    • Why Job Postings Aren't Enough
  • The Starting Gate: Position Yourself for Success with Candidates
    • Candidate Personas: Get to Know Your Ideal Candidate
    • SEO / SEM: Find Your Candidates Online
  • Run the Race: Plan & Execute Your Strategy
    • Awareness
    • Consideration
    • Interest
  • Clock Your Time: Recruitment Marketing Metrics & KPI's
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How Does Programmatic Recruitment Advertising Work?

By Sara West on Oct 20, 2021 7:30:00 AM

Programmatic recruitment advertising is revolutionizing the way companies recruit top talent. As industries face challenges in sourcing top-notch talent efficiently, programmatic is helping companies save costs, streamline job advertising, and target the best candidates. However, if you are thinking of embracing this innovative method of recruiting, it’s important to understand how programmatic job advertising works.

What is Programmatic Job Advertising?

Programmatic job advertising uses technology and automation for buying, distributing, and optimizing job advertisements across the internet. This technology optimizes recruitment advertising using online data collection, targeted job ads, and automated bidding. This automation ensures that the right job ad is seen at the right time by the right job candidate to increase the likelihood they will apply. 

Programmatic Works For You

Programmatic recruitment advertising is more than the automation of job ad placement. It also provides intelligent feedback on how your job ads are performing, where jobs ads should be placed, and improvements you can make for the future. In the end, programmatic provides you the insight to ensure your recruitment campaign is efficient and cost-effective. 

Targeting the Best Job Candidates

Programmatic job advertising uses data from a wide variety of sources to offer recommendations for job ad placement. For example, your existing candidate relationship management or applicant tracking systems may offer insights into the demographics of users on your website. This machine-driven system looks at data to predict where the ideal candidate will most likely see a job placement. 

Analytics At Your Fingertips

Programmatic job advertising provides you with the tools to quickly track and analyze the performance of all your recruitment media. Job advertising data is available with real-time insights on job ad performance, budget, and the ROI on job placements. You have the power to control your entire job advertising process seamlessly in one location and make instant adjustments as situations change. 

Keeping People In The Process

While programmatic job advertising automates more of the recruiting process, it doesn’t remove people from the equation. Instead, recruiters can now streamline the more challenging aspects of the recruitment process and focus on using actionable data to hire top-quality candidates at a much lower cost.

Ready To Get Started?

Contact us today to learn about how ProIQ can help you maximize your recruiting results and source top-notch job candidates in less time. 

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Programmatic Job Advertising vs. Programmatic Advertising

By Sara West on Oct 13, 2021 7:30:00 AM

With billions of job seekers online, how do you guarantee that the best candidate sees the ad for your job? Innovations in digital advertising make it easy for recruiters to maximize ROI, streamline recruitment efforts and help companies save money with programmatic job advertising. Programmatic job advertising can help you capture your prospect's attention and ensure they click to apply.

The Growth of Data-Driven Advertising

Programmatic advertising has revolutionized online advertising. Rather than manually searching for where to run ads, companies using programmatic advertising can place ads on a network of publishing platforms simultaneously. Programmatic online ad buying helps companies make data-driven decisions, increasing revenue. As of 2020, programmatically sold advertising was worth $129.1 billion.

What is Exactly is "Programmatic"?

Whether you are in sales or job recruitment, "programmatic" ad buying refers to the software used to purchase digital advertising. This involves the automated process of buying, selling, and bidding on ads across multiple online channels to target a specific demographic. Advertisers use programmatic advertising to direct ads to their ideal customer, while recruiters use programmatic job advertising to target their best job candidate.

Powerful Benefits for Advertisers and Recruiters

Marketers use programmatic to place ads for products, while recruiters use the same automation to place ads for job seekers. Programmatic helps both industries see actionable results. These technologies empower the advertiser and recruiter to laser target their ideal demographic and prevent accidental overspending on advertising budget.

Manage Your Ad Budget

Recruitment advertising can be costly. Programmatic job advertising helps you determine how to allocate your advertising budget effectively across many types of jobs to be filled. The most effective platforms use predictive data and intelligent automation to intuitively manage your spending across all open positions to ensure no overspending occurs. These algorithms also help ensure you pay for ads that provide tangible results and the highest possible ROI.

Connect With Your Ideal Candidate

One of the key benefits of programmatic is the ability to laser target the audience of your ad. For marketers, this has been key to ensure that the right customer sees their product ad. For recruiters, programmatic job advertising helps reach out to the most fitting job candidates. Intelligent algorithms set up job candidate profiles, and ads are placed where they are most likely to attract higher-quality applicants and lead more candidates to the final stages of hiring.

Data-Driven to Get Results

Programmatic job advertising provides companies with real-time data to make long-term ad spending decisions to recruit the best candidates. Studies show that companies using programmatic job advertising are nearly three times more likely to improve the quality of hire than traditional advertising. Additionally, companies that leverage programmatic are also twice as likely to reduce time-to-fill.

Ready to Use Programmatic Job Advertising?

If you're looking for the best method of sourcing top-quality job candidates in less time, try programmatic job advertising. Contact us at ProIQ to learn how we can help your company optimize your campaigns and recruit the most qualified candidates.

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ProIQ Combines Digital Marketing and Talent Advisory Solutions to Help Companies Attract Talent

By Sara West on Oct 6, 2021 7:30:00 AM

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, ProIQ serves clients across the country in their efforts to market smarter, Hire Smarter, and grow stronger.

Every company faces unique challenges and ProIQ believes that they should be met with innovative solutions. Their approach combines a passion for data with a love of digital marketing to develop solutions that drive results for talent acquisition, sales, and marketing teams. As a new division of Hire Velocity - an industry leader in Recruitment Process Outsourcing based in Atlanta, Georgia - ProIQ serves as a full-service digital marketing agency with a focus on attracting candidates using digital recruiting strategies.

Managing Director, Sara West, will be leading ProIQ in focusing on Digital Advisory and Talent Advisory solutions. Previous to her new role, West was the Director of Strategic Development at Hire Velocity where she helped shape brand strategy to build market awareness, develop inbound and outbound lead strategies to acquire new customers. Before joining Hire Velocity, Sara served as an Investment Banking Financial Analyst for Signal Hill Capital Group (now DCS Advisory) in New York, where she specialized in the IT services and IT security software sectors. There, she played a pivotal role in researching, evaluating, and executing major deals, completing extensive due diligence for both buy-side and sell-side transactions.

“I’m excited to help companies implement innovative digital strategies, like social media and programmatic job advertising, to better position themselves in a fast-paced hiring world. In today’s candidate-driven job market, it’s important for companies to implement strategies that will not only attract candidates but also position them as an employer of choice,” explains West, “What makes ProIQ different from your typical agency is that we’re laser-focused on quantitative results. Yes, we’re creative but at the end of the day everything is about the numbers.”

ProIQ leverages digital marketing expertise to help clients build their employer brand, effectively market to and attract candidates, and identify new talent markets with recruitment marketing, employer branding, and location analysis. Its digital advisory solutions will support clients’ digital marketing strategy with social media marketing, website development, content marketing, search engine marketing, and email marketing. By employing a team that has decades of experience in talent acquisition, marketing, sales, operations, data analytics, corporate strategy, and finance, they’ll be able to develop unique digital, data-based solutions that address even the toughest human capital and digital marketing challenges.

About ProIQ

ProIQ is a strategic partner for companies that want to build both great teams and great businesses. By engaging to understand their clients’ unique needs, they create digital and talent strategies that deliver the solutions required to drive success. ProIQ leverages digital marketing expertise to help clients build their employer brand, effectively market to and attract candidates, and identify new talent markets with recruitment marketing, employer branding, and location analysis. Its digital advisory solutions will support clients’ digital marketing strategy with social media marketing, website development, content marketing, search engine marketing, and email marketing.

About Hire Velocity

Hire Velocity designs talent strategies that build great teams and great businesses. They are a proven leader in Human Capital Solutions and trusted by companies for customized Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Search, and Talent & Digital Advisory solutions. Hire Velocity partners with clients across nearly every industry to solve recruiting challenges and achieve sustained outcomes. Consistently recognized as a partner that goes the ‘extra mile’, they are devoted to delivering outstanding customer service.


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The Benefits of Programmatic Advertising for Recruitment

By Sara West on Sep 21, 2021 7:00:00 AM

Many changes are happening in talent acquisition. Companies are seeking out new ways to recruit top talent efficiently and cost-effectively. Programmatic job advertising is one the most innovative ways today for recruiters to attract the best candidates and hire in high volumes. Programmatic advertising for recruitment can empower your company to save time, save money and recruit the most qualified candidates for every position.

What is Programmatic Job Advertising?

Programmatic job advertising uses automation tools to purchase, publish and optimize online job ads. This intelligent software ensures that job ads are placed where they are most likely to be seen by the most suitable candidate. This technology integrates with a network of applicant tracking systems, websites, job boards, and ad space to post jobs on the channels that deliver the best outcomes.

Don't Miss These Key Benefits of Programmatic

Programmatic job advertising offers significant benefits for recruiters. Most importantly, with programmatic job advertising, you can:

  • Target your ideal job candidate.
  • Place your job ads where relevant candidates see them.
  • Reduce staff time spent on the manual tasks of posting on job boards.

But, there are many other advantages to using programmatic job advertising.

Long-Term Cost Savings

According to recent research, on average, 40 percent of job advertising spending is wasted. How can you lower the costs of your advertising budget? Programmatic automated bidding can help ensure that you only pay for the ads that provide tangible results with the highest return on investment (ROI). This intelligent process helps you set suitable bids and budget caps on advertising, so you avoid overspending. 

Greater Reach of Your Recruitment

Advertising your job openings across multiple and diverse publishing networks has never been easier with programmatic automation. With programmatic job advertising, you can expand the pool of potential candidates you reach. Since the most qualified candidates may not be on the most popular job-seeking websites, programmatic automation helps your job posting be seen on unfamiliar specialized job boards and websites that attract the best candidates. 

Higher Candidate Quality

High applicant volume doesn’t necessarily mean that the top candidate is applying. A chief advantage of programmatic job advertising is that it ensures your job placements are seen by the relevant job seeker who can fill your specific needs. Automated optimizations help reduce the cost-to-hire by placing ads in front of the most qualified and relevant job applicants with a higher probability of being hired. 

Valuable Insights Through Real-Time Metrics

One of the most desirable benefits of programmatic job advertising is delivering real-time performance tracking and actionable data. A programmatic approach can track ad spending, ad performance and provide analytics to make improvements over time. You will know precisely how well your job ads are doing across all recruitment media and make informed decisions that drive maximum ROI throughout the job recruiting process. 

The Takeaway

Talent acquisition can be costly, and hiring the best-qualified candidates for hard-to-fill positions can be a slow process. Programmatic job advertising offers various benefits to help companies solve this dilemma and optimize data to improve quality-of-hire.

Save yourself the frustration of struggling to find talent and learn how ProIQ’s recruiting platform can help you reduce costs and hire the best possible candidates. 

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What is Programmatic Job Advertising?

By Sara West on Sep 10, 2021 2:28:16 PM

Recruitment of top talent is one of the biggest challenges most companies face, regardless of their size or industry. Recruiters are competing for the most qualified candidates while balancing the management of a high volume of applicants. 

Programmatic job advertising is one solution that can improve efficiency and decrease total costs in the recruiting process. 

Understanding Programmatic Job Advertising

Simply put, programmatic advertising is the buying and selling of online ads through automation tools. Advertisers can place ads across multiple online channels to target a specific demographic. Programmatic advertising ensures that the right ad is seen at the right time by the right audience to increase engagement. 

Programmatic Job Advertising Delivers Superior Results

Similar to programmatic advertising, programmatic job advertising uses similar automation tools to buy and optimize jobs ads. This automated process ensures that a target job candidate sees the job ad. This technology integrates with a network of job boards, websites, and ad space to put job ads on the channels that deliver the best results. 

How Is It Different From Traditional Job Advertising? 

Studies show that traditional job advertising models can lead to expensive and ineffective results. This approach to talent recruitment forces recruiters to negotiate, purchase, and monitor all job advertising investments. This can lead to inefficient and costly processes that don’t reach the right potential candidates. Programmatic job advertising automates the digital advertising process to manage costs and guarantee that your job lands in front of precisely the right candidate —the one you want to hire. 

Big Benefits for Recruiters

Programmatic has changed the way advertisers and recruiters use online platforms. It provides recruiters with the tools for cost-effective access to targeted job seekers. Key benefits of programmatic job advertising include:

  • Cost-effective job advertising
  • Higher quality application volume
  • Faster time-to-hire
  • Recruiter efficiency

Business Impact of Programmatic

Companies and recruiters are investing in programmatic job advertising because it provides the tools to consistently attract quality, engaged candidates and reduce the cost per hire. Programmatic replaces ineffective advertising methods and provides quick results on job ad performance. The results show that programmatic advertising consistently helps companies increase the speed of the hiring process and save money.

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